Last week of summer - doing shit big. J/k.

Wednesday - Meghan Medrano comes back to Hawaii!

We’re going to get our groove on in the weirdest places and sing old songs together. I really miss her! 

I have a dinner tomorrow night also with my mom’s sister and her family. They’re from Wisconsin and they always talk to me about visiting and how i’d like the snow and colleges and i’m always like ughhhh. There will probably be a sad ending to the night because they fly back up the next day then another 365 days till I see them again.

Thursday - It’s your birthday. 

I’m still pending whether or not I want to tell you happy birthday because for one, you didn’t tell me happy birthday, and two, I don’t want you to think I care. I spent a long time trying to remember the little things about you and i’m pretty much fed up and done with it. I don’t want you in my life as much as I did before. You still linger around my life and I don’t know how to handle it. I don’t know if we’re on good terms or not and I don’t know if I care. I don’t think I do. Whatever.

Friday - Hang out day #2

I think if plans go as correctly, i’m going to spend it with Rachel, Sam, Meghan, and Taylor will probably tag along right? :)

Haha it’s going to be a hella good day, especially if we go out and buy more clothes! I think they’re going to take me to get my eyebrows did, it’ll be my first time. I’m kind of super scared. We will also eat a lot of spicy ahi and rice. 

Saturday - Sleepover/Bonding with PCXC

We planned to have dinner as a team and then hang out at someone’s house and just chill together. Then when the time comes, the guys are coming to my house to sleepover. I have a feeling it’ll be fun but i’ll be running aruond the house hoping everyone enjoys it. I don’t know if people like my house or not D; This is our way of fulfilling Todd’s wishes of unifying the team. We had a talk about that today, well, the guys anyways. I thought we were getting in trouble lol. Hopefully if the freshmen do come, it won’t be akward.

Oh! Christina (@xtiinaa) comes back from vegas :D 


Sunday - Practice/Beach/Dinner

If I have to wake bitches up like a mom, it will be a rude awakening and I will get it on film. Lol. 

Practice will probably be from Manana to Radford. Beach will be with the team. Dinner will be with @xtiinaa and @jemijem I think. Dinner at some pasta place with garlic bread i’m guessing? :D

Monday - Freshmen Orientation

I get to see little kids get lost by themselves and help them. 

Tuesday - Back to school :)

Rachel is going to pick me up in the morning along with Sam and we’re going to go get food and starbucks. LMK if you want anything. I’m still pending whether or not i’m going to wear my new clothes, old clothes, or just straight up a v-neck. But I will keep telling myself I look good and have a cocky ass attitude like no other ;)

This will be fun :)

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